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Sessions Topics

1) Current status of degraded forest and deforested areas

2) Restrictive ecological conditions in extreme areas

3) Green building in extreme climates

4) Geological aspects of deserts and desertification

5) Measuring and monitoring of forest degradation and desertification process.

6) Causes of forest degradation and desertification

7) Building forest landscapes resilient to climate

8) Measurements for forest degradations and desertification

9) Best practices for afforestation, rehabilitation and restoration

10) Soil and land restoration

11) Forest conservation in degraded areas

12) Rehabilitation and restoration practices in different countries

13) Management strategies for degraded forests

14) Forest policy in degraded areas

15) Water policy in drylands and arid areas

16) GIS applications for dryland and arid regions

17) Women and economic change in rural-arid lands