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Symposium of Seljuk

‘International Symposium of Seljuk from Manzikert to Ottomans’ will be held  in May 22 - 23, 2014 by Kastamonu University.

Anatolia was captured by various tribes of Seljuk in various times until its conquest and many states were established in this region. However none of them were as effective and lasting as the conquest by the Turks, did not give great and important results in terms of world history. With this conquest, Anatolia was the second homeland for the Turks and a new Turkish state was established. Muslims raided on Anatolia for 400 years before the Seljuk conquest, but it was vouchsafed to Sultan Alparslan.  

The Seljuk Turks, who had settled in Anatolia since 1071, were a shield to the crusades against the Islamic world, and their mission was the protector of the world of Islam and the Eastern against the attacks from the west.

The conquest of Anatolia is one of the most important events in the history of Turkey and the world in terms of its results. With this conquest Western Turks gained a new and perpetual homeland and Anatolian Seljuks, Ottoman Empire and finally the Republic of Turkey that would continue its presence forever were founded on the territory of this country.

This symposium aims to enable the participants to discuss any historical, political, military, social, cultural, economic, geographical …etc. issues about Anatolian Seljuks  scientifically. This symposium will conduce to bring the academicians & researchers together and it is expected to contribute to the production of new scientific knowledge and ideas, offer new perspectives.

It is expected to be arranged that the abstracts have to mention about the subject and scope of research, references and the contribution to science.

The papers are able to be presented in Turkish (all dialects), Arabic, Persian, English and Russian. The scientists who will present the papers in a language other than Turkish are supposed to send their papers in Turkish if possible, otherwise they should send their abstracts before the symposium date to the communication unit.

We are waiting to be sent the information in accordance with Symposium Calendar to the communication unit. The authors whose abstracts will be accepted by Scientific Board will be informed.

The following themes are planned to take place at the symposium. Some different themes to be offered provided that they will be in accordance with the general framework of the symposium will be also taken into consideration.


Science in Anatolian Seljuks

Education in Anatolian Seljuks

Social Life in Anatolian Seljuks

Cultural Life in Anatolian Seljuks

State Government in Anatolian Seljuks

Political and Military Events in Anatolian Seljuks

Mongol Invasion and Its Effects in Anatolia

The Developments in Period of Anatolian Beyliks

The Effects of Anatolian Seljuks on the Establisment of Ottoman Empire

Symposium Attendancy Policies

Submission and Evaluation of Abstracts

Participation of the symposium is for related academicians and researchers.Sample Abstract in 300 words, including the objects, approach, resources and estimated evidences should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   till 15th December, 2013 with attachments by email.Abstracts will be evaluated by Members of Regulations Authority, considering the relevancy of scientific requirements, symposium topics and unique workout. Approved / Unapproved abstracts will be announced in 30 days to those concerned. Submitted abstracts will be published after the symposium in Symposium Abstract Book.


1-      The title of the paper should be centered and written in bold.  The title should be followed by the author/authors’ name and written right aligned.  Academic title, institution and e-mail address should be written respectively in unnumbered endnotes at the bottom of the page.

2-      After the title and author’s name, abstracts in 300 words length should be written both Turkish and English in 10 point font.  English abstracts should have the title.

3-      The letter character of the paper text should be Times New Roman and font size 12. The font size of any footnote for the tables and the sources of any information in the text should be 10.

4-      Full-papers should be typewritten on A4/letter pages in M.Word program with the following margins: top of the paper 2.5, bottom 2.5, left 2.5 and right 2.5 cm, and header 1.25 cm, footer 1.25 cm.

5-      There should be no space between paragraphs, indentation: 0 cm, space: first 6nk, then 6nk and line spacing should be single space.

6-      If references used within the text, author’s last name, publication date and page number should be written between parenthesis respectively (Çaycı, 2002: 520), if references used in endnotes first and last name of the author, the title of the book in italic (article in quotes and the name of journals in italic), publisher, place and date of publication, page number should be written respectively. References should be put at the end of the text in alphabetical order according to last names of authors as in endnotes.

7-      Tables and graphics should be enumerated individually and the source should be written in 10 point font under graphics.

8-      If not needed and not related to the text directly, original document, picture, maps and quasi should not be put in the text, they should be added at the end of the text by enumerating. Pictures with high resolution should be written to compact disk and compact disk should be sent.

9-      Papers should not exceed 20 pages.




The notification of symposium: October 2013

The deadline for sending abstracts of declaration: 15th December 2013

Notification of accepted abstracts: 30th December 2013

The deadline for sending full text of declarations: 1st April 2014

The notification of accepted declaration: 20th April 2014

The notification of symposium programme: 25th April 2014

Symposium: 22-23rd May 2014


The Honorary Chairman of symposium (Onursal başkan)

Prof. Dr. Seyit Aydın (The Rector of Kastamonu University)

The Organization Committee of Symposium (Düzenleme kurulu)


The Scientific  Committee (Bilim ve hakem kurulu)


CONTACT (İletişim)

As. Prof. Dr. Sibel Kavaklı

Research Assistant(Araştırma görevlisi) Sinem Aydoğan


Kastamonu University

Faculty of Science and Letters

37100 Kuzeykent Campus Turkey

Tel. Number:+90 0 366 280 19 18 - +90 0366 280 19 03

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax Number: +90 366 215 49 69